Signal Vest Security GI-2
The vest is a high-quality safety vest designed for use at facilities where safety and visibility play an important role. It is made of a durable luminous material that is highly resistant to abrasion, it also maintains optimal ventilation and comfort in high temperature environments. It is equipped with reflective strips to ensure maximum visibility even in low light conditions.
17.48 17.48 USD
LumoLite GI-1 Safety Vest
The LumoLite GI-1 Signal Vest is an innovative product designed to enhance safety and visibility in low-light conditions. Made with luminous fabrics, this vest ensures maximum visibility even in dim lighting. Lightweight and durable, it is perfect for construction, transportation, and various other tasks. Order now and prioritize safety on the job!
19.13 19.13 USD
Polar Adventure GI-0 Fleece Vest
The Polar Adventure Fleece Vest is an indispensable companion in work and everyday life. It provides high thermal insulation and freedom of movement thanks to its ergonomic design. Versatile and practical, with pockets for small items. High quality and durability are guaranteed.
22.75 22.21 22.21 USD
Branded insulated vest for office CorporateChill CT-0
"CorporateChill" is a branded insulated vest, perfect for the office environment. Combining comfort and a professional look, this stylish vest provides warmth and freedom of movement. Made from high-quality materials, "CorporateChill" offers optimal insulation, and its office design is suitable for any business event or workday. Additionally, it can be customized with your company's logo or slogan to create a unified professional image for employees. "CorporateChill" is the ideal solution for extra insulation during the cold season in the office and for establishing a cohesive corporate style.
25.30 25.3 USD
Roadworks Signal Work Vest GI-2
This extra light signal work vest is originally designed as part of a suit. The jacket is intended to facilitate visibility of road workers.
29.63 29.63 USD
Identification vest SeamlessFlex GI-0
The SeamlessFlex Vest is a highly functional solution for worker identification on job sites. It features a range of bright, contrasting colors that help workers stand out in industrial environments, improving visibility and recognition. The option to embroider identification notes on the front and back of the vest further enhances individual identification. The vest's lightweight, flexible fabric ensures comfort and freedom of movement during tasks, making it practical for extended wear.

The standout feature of the SeamlessFlex Vest lies in its importance during emergency control. The highly visible design allows for quick and accurate identification of personnel, reducing response times and enabling more efficient coordination during critical situations. With its emphasis on safety and practicality, the SeamlessFlex Vest is a reliable companion for companies aiming to enhance workforce visibility and optimize emergency procedures, providing peace of mind and security on every job site.
18.51 18.51 USD
Identification vest for law enforcement agencies SummerGuard UV-1
"SummerGuard" is a lightweight summer identification vest specially designed for law enforcement agencies. The vest ensures high visibility and comfort during hot weather conditions. Thanks to its lightweight construction, SummerGuard provides excellent air circulation, allowing personnel to feel comfortable even during extended missions or patrols. SummerGuard features an attractive design with bright identification elements that make representatives of law enforcement agencies easily distinguishable.
22.42 22.42 USD
Durable Multi-Purpose Vest for Law Enforcement VForce GI-1
Our multi-purpose vest for law enforcement is an essential tool in any basic gear setup. It comes equipped with convenient pockets and attachment systems for various equipment, providing quick access to essential tools. Combining durability and functionality, this vest is designed to withstand the most extreme conditions. Thanks to its versatile design and adjustable elements, it is suitable for various tasks and needs within law enforcement.
29.42 29.42 USD
Multifunctional vest MaxiVest GI-0
MaxiVest is a durable and multifunctional vest with a large number of pockets, making it the perfect choice for travel, outdoor adventures, and everyday tasks. Made from high-quality materials, it ensures durability and reliability in extreme conditions. The numerous pockets of various sizes and shapes allow convenient storage of essential items. MaxiVest is the perfect companion for enthusiasts of an active lifestyle, combining convenience, reliability, and style.
39.49 39.49 USD
Durable multi-purpose vest for law enforcement - Sentinel GI-1
The "Sentinel" Vest is a versatile solution designed for law enforcement agencies, taking into account the highest standards of functionality. This multi-purpose vest offers reliable protection and optimal flexibility in dynamic operational scenarios. It is engineered for excellent maneuverability and comfort, providing full freedom of movement while maintaining efficiency.
29.42 29.42 USD
UltraReflect Safety Vest FR-2+
UltraReflect Flame Retardant Safety Vest" - This unique product is specifically designed for safety in the oil and gas sector. The vest features a multitude of reflective elements, providing high visibility in low-light conditions, and also has flame retardant properties to protect against potential hazards. This lightweight and comfortable vest offers reliable protection and is ideal for working in hazardous oil and gas industry environments.
22.42 22.42 USD
Stylish multipurpose vest ReflectiveElegance GI-1
This is a stylish and functional multi-purpose vest that combines reflective elements and contrasting colors for maximum visibility and safety. Its versatile design with multiple pockets makes it an ideal choice for an active lifestyle, sports, and everyday outings.
39.49 39.49 USD
Elegant functional vest Межсезонье GI-0
The Transitional Season Vest is the perfect solution for a stylish and practical vest during the transitional weather. Made from high-quality materials, it provides comfort and freedom of movement. Its functional features include numerous pockets of various sizes, perfect for storing various essential items. The vest will accentuate your style and ensure convenience in any situation, from business meetings to city strolls.
31.68 31.68 USD
Unloading vest StyleFlex GI
The StyleFlex Utility Vest is an elegant and versatile accessory that offers the perfect balance between style and functionality. This vest is designed for those who appreciate not only a flawless appearance but also practicality in everyday life. Its sleek design accentuates your style, while the utility vest boasts multiple functional pockets of various sizes that help you organize your belongings and accessories in a way that keeps everything within reach. The vest is made from high-quality materials, ensuring comfort and durability.
31.68 31.68 USD
Elegant fitted vest SophiVest GI-0
SophiVest is an elegant fitted vest designed specifically for the office environment. This vest stylishly combines classic design with modern elements to accentuate your professional image. Crafted from high-quality materials, it provides a perfect fit and comfort throughout the workday. SophiVest is available in various color variations, allowing you to choose a suitable option that matches your style and preferences. This vest will be an excellent addition to your business suit, adding refinement and sophistication to your look.
23.45 23.45 USD
Multifunctional insulated vest WGuard OW-0
Multifunctional insulated vest with oil-repellent properties designed for oil and gas industry workers and outdoor enthusiasts. The vest provides reliable protection against oil products and water while offering warmth, comfort, and functionality. It features various convenient pockets and compartments and is made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and resistance. The vest is capable of withstanding harsh operating conditions, making it a reliable protective gear that ensures safety and comfort in extreme environments.
43.52 32.71 32.71 USD
Multifunctional low profile insulated vest MultiGuard OW-0
Multi-functional insulated vest designed for oil and gas industry workers. The vest provides reliable protection against petroleum products and water, while also offering warmth, comfort, and functionality. It features various convenient pockets and compartments, made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and resistance. The vest is capable of withstanding harsh operating conditions, making it a reliable protective tool that ensures safety and comfort in extreme environments.
42.53 32.71 32.71 USD
Ultralight vest AeroGear Lite GI-1
The vest is made of a lightweight and durable material that provides comfort in all conditions. The perfect working solution for storing tools.
27.97 27.97 USD
Ultralight vest AirFlex PocketPro GI-1
Ultra-lightweight vest - the perfect solution for storing your belongings conveniently and effortlessly. This vest is made of lightweight and durable materials, providing comfort in any conditions. It is an essential accessory for both outdoor enthusiasts and everyday use.
27.97 27.97 USD
Padded vest for the field office ThermoGuard CT-1
ThermoGuard CT-1 is an insulated vest, specifically designed for comfort and protection in field office conditions. Combining functionality and style, ThermoGuard HV-1 provides reliable cold weather protection and comfort in any weather conditions. Made from durable and lightweight material, the vest ensures optimal thermal regulation and freedom of movement. Its stylish design and multifunctionality make it the perfect choice for outdoor professionals.
29.42 29.42 USD
Instrument vest with collar ReflectaVest GI-1
ReflectaVest is a stylish and practical demi-season vest designed to ensure your safety and visibility at any time of the day. The vest is equipped with wide reflective strips that brightly reflect light, allowing you to be visible even in low-light or dark conditions. It provides freedom of movement and comfort. Make your activity safe and stylish with ReflectaVest - a demi-season vest that will help you stay visible and noticeable in any conditions.
26.11 25.10 25.1 USD
AirMesh Reflect Pro GI-1 ultra-light utility vest with mesh back
AirMesh Reflect Pro is an ultralight vest designed for comfortable and safe outdoor activities. Its mesh back provides excellent ventilation, preventing overheating, while the reflective elements ensure high visibility in low-light conditions. "AirMesh Reflect Pro" is a stylish accessory that combines functionality, comfort, and safety during active work outside the office.
22.83 22.830000000000002 USD
Insulated field vest InfernoShield FR-0
InfernoShield Insulated Field Vest - an innovative piece of protective clothing for extreme conditions. Combining insulation and fire-resistant properties, this vest is perfect for workers in various industries. Made from durable materials, it ensures comfort, longevity, and optimal body temperature in cold conditions. InfernoShield is your reliable ally in providing safety and comfort in any environment.
36.00 30.45 30.45 USD
Insulated field vest PolarArmorPro FR-1
PolarArmorPro is an insulated field vest with increased visibility, designed for reliable protection from the cold. This vest combines thermal insulation and fireproof performance, providing a high level of safety and comfort in the harshest conditions. Reliability and functionality make PolarArmorPro the ideal choice for professionals working in hazardous environments.
37.97 30.45 30.45 USD
Insulated field vest HiVisPro FR-1
HiVisPro - a high-visibility insulated field vest with practical patch pockets. This vest ensures safety and comfort in outdoor working conditions. It features bright, wide reflective stripes and meets safety standards. HiVisPro is your reliable partner for working in any conditions. Be visible, be protected, be efficient with HiVisPro.
37.38 30.45 30.45 USD
Lightweight identification vest for law enforcement agencies Sentinell-Glans UV-1
"Sentinell-Glans" - an innovative identification vest for law enforcement agencies. By combining advanced recognition features with a comfortable design, this vest provides operators with swift and accurate identification of security service symbols and signs. The vest's increased visibility, especially in low-light conditions, contributes to enhanced visibility. Additionally, "Sentinell-Glans" features a seamless construction, making it easy to put on and increasing convenience for operators. This groundbreaking vest is a reliable tool for efficient operations and enhancing safety within law enforcement structures.
22.42 22.42 USD
Signal vest with Velcro VisiPro SecureFit GI-2
VisiPro SecureFit is a signal vest with Velcro, providing enhanced visibility in areas where safety is paramount. The vest features a bright color and reflective strips, ensuring visibility even in low-light conditions. The innovative Velcro-based fastening system allows for easy and quick wearing. VisiPro SecureFit is the perfect choice for workplaces, construction sites, cyclists, and other situations that require high visibility for safety.
24.07 24.07 USD
Simple signal vest on velcro SafetReflect GI-2
"SafetReflect" is a signal vest with Velcro, providing enhanced visibility on objects. The vest made of bright, high-quality material with reflective stripes, making it easy to put on and suitable for a wide range of users. It's perfect for use on construction sites, roads, and other areas where safety and increased visibility are important.
24.07 24.07 USD
Simple zippered signal vest SafeGlow ZipVest UV-2
The SafeGlow ZipVest is a safety vest designed for safety in job sites where increased visibility plays an important role. The vest has a bright color, highly reflective stripes, and a durable zipper for easy donning. It is made of breathable material, providing comfort and durability. SafeGlow ZipVest complies with safety standards and is suitable for use in construction, road works, and other industries where increased visibility is important. This vest will ensure the safety of workers in conditions of limited visibility.
24.07 24.07 USD
Signal vest with zip GI-2
This safety vest provides increased human visibility on job sites. It is ideal for use in low-light environments, helping to ensure the safety and security of workers.
24.07 24.07 USD
Identification vest Streamline GI-1
Streamline Reflective Vest is an innovative solution to enhance visibility and safety during dark hours or low-light conditions. The vest features a seamless and elegant design for a perfect fit and comfort. It is equipped with two three-centimeter reflective strips running across the shoulders from the bottom front to the back, providing high visibility and recognizability. This vest is ideal for anyone who values their safety. Stay visible and protected with the "Streamline Reflective Vest.
17.28 17.28 USD
Identification vest SafeMark GI-1
SafeMark - an innovative identification vest without side seams, designed for recognition and identification of responsible individuals during emergencies or work processes. It ensures maximum visibility and safety due to its high brightness and clear design. Choose SafeMark to ensure safety and recognition in critical situations.
17.28 17.28 USD
Identification vest IDENTI-VEST GI-1
Identification vest without side seams for the recognition and identification of responsible individuals during the regulation of emergency situations or work processes. The seamless design ensures comfort and freedom of movement. The bright color of the vest provides high visibility at long distances. An indispensable tool for emergency services, construction, automotive industry, logistics, and other fields. It improves coordination of actions and reduces the risk of errors, ensuring efficient and safe task execution.
17.28 17.28 USD
SafeVest Pro FR-2 zipped signal vest
SafeVest Pro is a zip-up safety vest designed to provide increased visibility and compliance with the requirements for wearing high-visibility clothing. The vest is made of durable materials with wide reflective strips and a convenient zipper for quick and easy wearing. "SafeVest Pro" ensures safety and visibility in any conditions, making it an ideal choice for workers who prioritize protection and safety. The vest meets the requirements and common practice of wearing clothing at Tengiz.
28.68 26.13 26.13 USD
EasyZipID GI - Simple Zipper Identification Vest
EasyZipID is a convenient identification vest designed for easy and quick personnel identification. The vest is equipped with a user-friendly zipper, allowing for easy and quick wearing and removal. EasyZip ID is perfect for various industries and events where a reliable identification system is required. It can be used in security, conferences, exhibitions, sports events, and other places where simple and efficient identification is important.
18.51 18.51 USD
Reflective mesh vest with Velcro КТЖ GI-2
This is a lightweight and comfortable reflective vest, specially designed for railway workers. The vest, made from mesh, provides excellent ventilation during hot summer days. Thanks to its durable Velcro fastening, the vest is easy to put on and take off, making it an ideal choice for everyday use. Equipped with bright reflective stripes, it ensures high visibility and enhances the safety of railway workers in any conditions. Reliable protection and comfort for those long summer workdays!
19.54 19.54 USD
AeroSafe GI-2 Airport Service Vest
AeroSafe is an innovative safety vest specially designed for airport personnel. This vest is intended to provide security and visibility for airport staff on the apron, runways, and other work areas. Ensure the safety and reliable protection of your employees with the AeroSafe Vest - an essential part of the uniform for all airport services.
22.83 22.830000000000002 USD
Signal Vest for Airport Services - SkyGuard GI-2
SkyGuard is a signaling vest for airport services that provides high visibility and safety. Its comfortable design and durable materials make it an indispensable part of the personnel's equipment. Certified for use in airports, it ensures reliable visibility for staff working in any conditions.
22.83 22.830000000000002 USD
KTZh GI-2 Velcro Signal Vest
The vest is designed for the safety of railway workers. Bright color and wide reflective stripes provide maximum visibility in low-light conditions. Durable materials and a Velcro fixation system make the vest comfortable and durable.
19.54 19.54 USD
Lightweight unloading vest AirLite Vest GI.
This is an innovative outfit designed for those who are looking for comfort and functionality during outdoor activities. The vest has an ultra-lightweight design that allows you to move freely and does not create additional stress on the body. The vest is great for storing various accessories.
29.42 29.42 USD
Insulated vest HeatLockPro GI-0
The Men's Insulated Vest HeatLockPro - the perfect companion for cold days! It provides excellent insulation with optimal breathability, ensuring comfort and protection from harsh weather conditions. The stylish design and convenient pockets make it an indispensable choice for an active lifestyle.
30.65 30.650000000000002 USD
UltraLight GI-0 Lightweight Signal Vest
This is a lightweight and comfortable reflective vest, made from high-quality mesh fabric that provides excellent breathability, allowing your body to breathe and feel fresh even on hot days. Thanks to its durable Velcro fastening, the vest is easy to put on and take off, making it an ideal choice for everyday use. Equipped with bright contrasting color stripes, it ensures high visibility and enhances your safety. Reliable protection and comfort for summer workdays
20.57 20.57 USD
DryFit signal vest with buttons GI-2
This vest combines high visibility and comfort thanks to the use of innovative DryFit material. With its help, you will remain visible at any time of the day, which is especially important when working in low-light conditions. Our signal vest with DryFit buttons also has excellent breathability and moisture-wicking properties, which maintain an optimal microclimate
20.57 20.57 USD
Reflective mesh vest with buttons MeshPro GI-2.
MeshPro - Button-Up Reflective Vest. Enhances user visibility on roads and construction sites. Comfortable, stylish, and reliable for everyday safety.
20.57 20.57 USD
Instrument vest SafariDrivePro GI
SafariDrivePro Load-Bearing Vest - a stylish and functional accessory for travelers and adventure enthusiasts. Durable, with numerous pockets and a mesh back, it provides comfort and convenience in extreme conditions while maintaining a stylish design
24.07 24.07 USD
28.38 28.38 USD
Safety Vest Signal GI-2
The Signal GI-2 safety vest is made of reflective materials, providing maximum visibility even in low-light conditions. Its lightweight and functional design makes it an ideal choice for construction, transportation, and other professions.
19.75 19.75 USD
Safety Vest Signal FR-2
The Signal FR-2 safety vest is a reliable safety solution in high-risk industries prone to flames. The vest is made of flame-retardant material with reflective stripes, ensuring maximum visibility even in low-light conditions. Its lightweight yet durable design is ideal for professionals in the construction, transportation, and oil and gas industries. Signal FR-2 provides protection and comfort while meeting and exceeding industry safety regulations.
21.80 21.8 USD
Reversible fleece vest GI-0
With this vest, you get two functional products in one. One side is made of high-quality fleece material, which provides exceptional softness and heat retention. It can be worn underneath your work jacket without feeling bulky and providing an extra layer of insulation on cold days. The second side has a more wear-resistant material, which is suitable for active work, gives the vest additional strength, protecting it from wind and light rain. There are internal pockets with a zipper, this is a practical and functional design element that will give the vest additional convenience.
26.74 26.740000000000002 USD
Insulated quilted vest Comfy GI-0
An insulated vest with a large cross stitch, a straight cut is suitable for both men and women. With central reinforced zipper-to-tractor closure. It has a low stand-up collar, two side insulated zippered pockets, one hidden. The vest provides comfort and warmth while working.
23.04 23.04 USD
Work vest DriverMaster GI-0
If you are looking for a comfortable and practical vest for work, look no further than this model. The vest is sewn from high-quality materials and is suitable for work in different fields.
30.04 30.04 USD

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