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Special Gear Kazakhstan joins SAP Business Network

We are thrilled to share exciting news with our valued customers and partners! Special Gear Kazakhstan has successfully completed registration and joined Ariba, the renowned SAP Business Network.

By becoming a part of the Ariba network, we have expanded our reach and opened doors to new opportunities. Ariba serves as a leading global platform connecting businesses, suppliers, and customers, fostering efficient and seamless collaboration.

Our decision to join Ariba aligns with our commitment to delivering exceptional products and services while ensuring transparency and professionalism in our business interactions. Through the Ariba network, we can now connect with a wide range of potential customers and partners, further enhancing our growth prospects.

Business Network

Ariba offers a comprehensive set of tools and features that enable us to streamline procurement processes, enhance visibility, and improve efficiency. We can now showcase our products and services to a broader audience, expanding our market presence and attracting new business prospects.

At Special Gear Kazakhstan, we understand the value of efficient and secure transactions, and joining Ariba allows us to engage in electronic transactions, facilitating smoother procurement experiences for our customers. Additionally, Ariba's robust supplier management system provides us with an opportunity to showcase our qualifications and certifications, further building trust and credibility with our partners.

We extend our gratitude to Ariba for providing a platform that connects businesses worldwide and enables seamless collaboration. We are excited about the possibilities this partnership brings and look forward to forging new relationships, exploring business opportunities, and delivering exceptional value to our customers.

SAP Business Network

SGQ joins the international SAP Business Network to streamline procurement processes.

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Registered TengizChevrOil Supplier
Special Gear Kazakhstan has successfully passed registration expressing our continued interest of cooperation