Quality Management System

SGQ's quality management system gets certified for ISO 9001:2016

Special Gear Kazakhstan places utmost importance on maintaining high-quality standards for our manufactured products. To fulfill our commitment to our valued customers, we have implemented a rigorous quality management and control system that ensures excellence at every stage of our operations.

Our quality management principles encompass the following key elements:

1. Engage People

We ensure that all personnel involved in our processes are fully aware that quality is an essential aspect of our business. By fostering a culture of quality awareness, we instill a sense of responsibility and commitment in our team members.

2. Focus on Customers

We prioritize our customers' satisfaction by adhering to their specific documentation and requirements. By closely aligning our operations with their needs, we strive to exceed their expectations and deliver products of the highest quality.

3. Strong Leadership

We lead by example, emphasizing the importance of quality throughout the organization. Our leaders demonstrate a strong commitment to quality and inspire others to embrace this principle in their daily work.

4. Process Approach

We have established clear and well-defined processes in our production, ensuring that each step of the product undergoes rigorous quality checks. This systematic approach guarantees consistency and reliability in the final outcome.

5. Continuous Improvement

We embrace a Product Life Cycle approach to drive continuous improvement. We proactively implement changes, assess their consequences, and strive for ongoing enhancement in our products and processes.

6. Evidence-Based Decisions

Our production log serves as the foundation for making informed and evidence-based decisions. By relying on accurate data and records, we ensure that our actions are well-informed and aligned with our quality objectives.

7. Relationship Management

We maintain a clear hierarchy and segregation of responsibilities within our organization. This facilitates effective communication, collaboration, and coordination, enabling us to streamline our processes and optimize quality outcomes.

8. Learning and Development

We have ingrained a continuous learning process into our procedures. Technical development serves as the cornerstone of our growth, empowering our team members to enhance their skills and knowledge to meet evolving quality standards.

By diligently adhering to these principles, we have experienced numerous benefits, including enhanced consistency, elevated customer satisfaction, and strengthened overall performance. We have meticulously built and tested our quality management system, earning the trust of our customers along the way. The certification of our system by a recognized body aims to further increase international recognition and expand the range of customers who choose to partner with us.

We are proud to announce that SGK has successfully obtained the ISO 9001-2016 Quality Management System certification. This achievement serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to maintaining exceptional quality standards, delivering superior products, and providing an outstanding experience for our customers.

ISO 14001-2016 Certificate

ISO 9001 has been adopted by over 1 million organizations across the world and is used by businesses like yours to continually monitor, manage and improve the quality of their products and services.

It is a powerful business improvement tool, providing the framework and guidance you need to help you consistently meet your customer’s expectations and regulatory requirements.

Certificates are issued to companies that have achieved management excellence in their quality management systems.

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