Updated Certification of Management Systems

SGQ's commitment to excellence confirmed with successful recurring certification

Special Gear Kazakhstan is proud to announce its unwavering commitment to maintaining high standards within the industry. As part of our ongoing dedication to excellence, we have conducted a comprehensive review of our manufacturing processes and operational experience over the past years. This evaluation has allowed us to update and refine our procedures and practices, ensuring they align with the latest industry requirements.

We are pleased to inform our valued stakeholders that these changes have been appropriately incorporated into our new procedures and manuals. To further demonstrate our commitment to excellence, we have successfully updated and obtained certification for our corresponding management systems. These certifications, valid until December 2024, are a testament to our steadfast pursuit of quality, environmental responsibility, and employee safety.

ISO 9001-2016

At Special Gear Kazakhstan, our ultimate goal is to provide the highest quality standards. Customer satisfaction is the driving force behind our business, and we continuously strive to exceed expectations.

ISO 14001-2016

Environmental protection is a core value for us. We are dedicated to reducing waste, optimizing energy efficiency, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. Our commitment goes beyond regulations as we actively seek ways to make a positive impact on the environment.

ISO 45001-2019

The safety of our operations is our foremost obligation to our employees. We prioritize maintaining a safe and secure work environment, implementing robust safety protocols, and continuously improving our occupational health and safety practices.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all our partners and customers who have played a vital role in our development. It is through your continued support and fruitful cooperation that we have been able to grow and achieve these milestones. We look forward to further strengthening our relationships and delivering exceptional products and services that meet your evolving needs.

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RoK Industrial Certificate
Special Gear Kazakhstan is a certified manufacturer with origin in Kazakhstan