Bespoke PPE Order

Advantages of custom made protective clothes

PPE market is full of manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. All provide acceptable and reasonable solutions and deliver value for money you pay. SGK is unique that we handle bespoke orders in manufacturing process similarly to mass production. This has become possible recently with Factory 4.0 technology implemented in the production process.

Why Bespoke?

There’s something undeniably attractive about workers wearing well custom tailored garments. They tell a story. One in which a true employer shows care about safety, comfort and identity of employees. Beyond that fitting a custom made bespoke garment with increased dexterity reduces your personnel's fatigue allowing them to concentrate on their task. There’s a very precise science to produce such garment that is both functional and looks great. Shoulders, knees, collars and sleeves all have a home. Every centimeter could be the difference between comfort and irritation from being at work site.

Choice of Materials

Picking right fabric for your budget and set of industrial hazards is also important. SGK's technological experience and wide supplier network can satisfy even the most demanding clients. Corporate colors, protective properties, compliance with corporate and state regulations. We can handle a diverse set of requirements to fit in your budget.

That being said, an ensemble measured and cut for you will always fit better than something off the rack. The trend of bespoke and made2measure custom tailoring has hit a high point in casual ware. We in SGK move the trend to protective clothing as a lot of companies are now realizing they can up their productivity, image and professional reputation with great fitting and looking garments for affordable prices at that.

Maintaining full manufacturing cycle from materials procurement through cut, assembly, branding and delivery SGK is the right solution to ensure high quality garments are delivered to your workers.

We at SGK in Shymkent craft every garment with exceptional precision and quality right down to the very last detail. Our consultant and trained sales representatives will personally ensure your satisfaction with your custom order. Our service does not end at delivery of our garments. Usage feedback, introduction of changes in functionality and the looks. Many many more options are available to engage your workers in acceptance of workwear and making them happier.

What it Means for Buyers?

Yes, there is a lot of benefits that come with bespoke custom made work garments. But there is also the drawback. Nothing is available in stock, and nothing comes out of the rack. Every time you place an order with us we assess the whole production cycle starting from procurement and through the master production plan. As a buyer or end-user the discomfort and additional effort comes in


Effective communication of technical requirements, business needs, style preferences is very important for success of bespoke PPE program.


No matter how flexible we are in SGK market controls availability of raw materials. Sometimes there is a wait involved to deliver them to our factory. So bespoke is not equal to stock.


Once the first order is delivered to the worksite it is important to collect feedback so that next orders adjust to specifics of work.

While talking through the requirements and collecting feedback may be perceived as a burden consider the end-result with workers paying back gratitude for your care.

Hear great stories of your co-workers and business partners that have already introduced their custom made solution. If you are not ready to spare time and effort to make your collegues happy and just a bit safer, SGK is a wrong partner for you.

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