When the Heat is On, Nomex® Delivers

Unparalleled heat and flame resistance

In the face of dangerous conditions, the built-in, proven performance of Nomex® provides the performance to face any job with confidence. Whether it’s keeping people safe or protecting valuable assets, Nomex® always rises to the challenge.

Lightweight, comfortable and breathable fabrics that meet and even exceed international standards for protection against open flames and heat, Nomex ® has a proven and tested performance. From arc flash to heat and flame, Nomex® fabric helps you face every job with confidence.

Multiple Hazards One Solution

Nomex® is known for protecting first responders, utility and electrical workers, but that’s just the beginning. From below the earth’s surface to beyond the atmosphere, and everywhere in between, Nomex® enables a stronger, safer tomorrow.

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Nomex® for PPE

PPE garments made with Nomex® deliver superior heat, flame and arc flash protection, while providing lightweight, comfortable solutions that meets or exceeds industry standards.

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Nomex® Garments.

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