Planning your Order

Understanding associated costs, schedules and how discounts work

SGK is apparel design and manufacturing enterprise. We handle all the product lifecycle from idea ant technical requirements through materials procurement, production and certification to stock handling and distribution logistics. All these activities are normally accomplished to fulfill your orders of custom-made protective garments and accessories regardless of item numbers in the order.

There are several considerations to keep in mind. 

This article describes in short how we work and how you can receive the most optimal quotation answering your business needs.

Quantity Based Discounts

When placing your order through our e-commerce solution prices are already set to vary.  Individual bespoke orders are default prices displayed in shop. Increasing numbers in your order enable mass production. Associated discounted prices appear when you place number of pieces in your order. Price per piece may drop up to 25% depending on the quantities in order. This is achieved through optimization of costs to handle procurement and certification where it is applicable.

Quantities matter as with any production in any industry. SGK provides competitive price at any numbers from one custom made garment (as if you have walked into a protective clothing store) to long-term mass production orders to satisfy clients with demand for large quantities of protective clothing. The above case study illustrates quantity-based discounts and how costs are optimized at each level to decrease price per unit.

Quantity Based Price Discounts

The summary graph shows high price per unit reduces with order quantities and how we work to leverage amounts driven optimization techniques to ensure your purchase orders are quoted fairly.

Discuss your case with our Sales

Further optimization is only possible with long-term commitments. It is achieved through introduction of product specific production lines.

Long-Term Commitments

The key factor that forms price of each garment is cost of raw materials. It may reach up to 80% of garment price depending on model and materials used. As we procure fabrics based on demand in our orders we receive the price of end-product depends a lot on market price of fabrics and furniture at the time of order. Long-term commitment allows fixing the cost for the duration of your project. How does it work?


Cost component for materials (70-80%) in price per unit is fixed for duration of your project.

Once raw materials are delivered to our warehouse your duration of your orders completion is extremely fast as we do not spend time on materials procurement and there is no wait on delivery.

Ultimate flexibility in sizes for orders on demand.

Possible introduction of modifications into model design based on workers' feedback.

Fully detailed automated and traceable materials consumption report

Stock availability and forecast to get early warning for budget planning


Initial capital investment for raw materials may be significant, but it pays off in a project life with savings in consecutive orders.

Not possible to change fabrics and furniture after it is defined at the initial stage.

Normal procurement process is substituted with consumption audit and manufacturing orders.

If you now approximate number of your workers for the next 3-5 years but you have no idea who they are and exactly what size they are, we can stock up raw materials based on average consumption and manufacture garments of your choice based on your current demand for the time of your project.

Lead Time

As with pricing lead time for delivery of your order purely depends on the protective properties of your garments. The more complex requirements the longer is the lead time. Specific fabrics that are needed for rare activities are not readily available in stock in country. We procure rare raw materials through our wide network of distributors, but it may take a longer than usual delivery. 

For optimization of your delivery time be ready to trade shorter lead time for softer requirements of colors as well. We can skim through stocks of our vendors easily, but it is not always possible to find exactly the Pantone color you specify in your order. 

Note that Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and Long-term Commitments widen the choice and shorten consequent lead time. Textile Mills' MOQ for custom fabrication is the limiting factor. In short, be ready that MOQ1500-2000 full size pieces open discussion for any of your desires. 

Keep logistics in mind. We forward our raw materials from a lot of suppliers in country and abroad. Pushing the price tag to lower values we use consolidated freight and by land. If 

Stock and Responsible Consumption

SGK exploits responsible consumption approach in the scope of UN Global initiative (read more about sustainable businesses and how you can be a change for better future). We do not produce apparel in advance to avoid waste generation through unsold stock. And we pride our zero-stock approach has been a success for many green businesses in Kazakhstan.

Thus, we recommend our customers to plan their orders ahead. Better planning always leads to better deals and smaller environmental footprint.

Life circumstances can be different to ideal though. Wild ideas that spring in minds of business drivers or unexpected requirements may put businesses to situations when they have to place urgent orders. We will always review such orders and propose a solution that can fit tight schedules. Be ready to compromise though.

Online Sales

SGK is a modern enterprise. We have invested a lot of effort to create a digital footprint of our products. They are readily available through our shop. Certification and detailed technical specifications are provided on request.

The shop is a solution for self-service to find garments by the looks and protective properties. Interacting with tools on the site is the fastest way to receive quotes and budget estimates.

We understand things may become complicated and unique needs of our customers. If you did not find exactly what you need, there is always an option to send us your scope for review or book an online appointment with MS Teams or through our video conferencing solution. 

This type of interaction ensures the best deals through more efficient communication.

Make sure you receive quotations in SGK format and create your account on SGK site to track your orders, quotes, invoices and deliveries. Having account on our site enables option to receive special offers.

Regional Distributors and Partners

SGK has a wide network of distributors and partners in Kazakhstan. If you prefer to communicate with your local contact let us know so that we direct you to one of them near you. We are present in Aktau, Atyrau, Oral, Aktobe, Almaty. 

Note there is no additional costs incurred on our side if you deal with our regional representatives. You can expect the same level of informative responses and same prices if you reach the head office in Shymkent. 

Special Offers

SGK partners with a lot of suppliers of fabrics and furniture. It does happen when they "clean" up their stock. When that happens they organize grand sales with very attractive prices. On our side we communicate opportunity to our customers delivering special offers for garments we can produce using these materials.

Through the history of orders we will target for exactly your applications.

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