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Laundry Symbols and Industrial Washing Recommendations

Majority of garments we produce are very delicate to product care recommendations. Persistence of protective properties of fabrics directly depend on adhering to what is written on the label of work wear we deliver.

Recommended Garment Care Instructions

We have worked with a lot of clients across the country that benefit from their local industrial laundry service providers. Majority of such laundry services are able to maintain the level of service according to recommended care instructions listed below. When we procure raw materials, we ensure more delicate fabrics do not end up at our customers' stock unless specifically required protective and functional properties of fabrics.

This approach to handling garments ensures that standard routine services are requested from laundry providers eliminating chance of a critical error that may reduce protection level of garments in use and ensures longevity of garments through the course of washing cycles.

Warm Wash

max. 60°C

Iron at low temperature

max. 110°C

Normal dry cleaning

Do not bleach


initial temperature max 60°C

a planet and a half moon


In case these care instructions cannot be met at your facility search for guidance with our technical team to understand how protective properties of your garments will be reduced, or let us know to select materials suitable for your laundry services.

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Limit of Liability

When introducing new materials to our models we perform tests on garments to ensure we understand:

  • wear-off due to laundry and normal operations.
  • deprecation of treatment and material shrinkage because of laundry.
  • persistence of branding and decoration.

It is only then that garments are sent for certification with corresponding agencies to confirm compliance with applicable standards and regulations.

To ensure optimum industrial laundering of SGK's products we recommend industrial laundries use the washing instructions on each product's label. It will help you extend your safety wear’s life span. 

SGK at no condition will be liable for any claims in terms of materials quality that undergo more aggressive care than listed on this page and/or stated on garments labels. Please, make sure compliance and technical capability with your laundry services.

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