Tecasafe® Ecogreen fabrics

Proven comfort in any situation

SGK launches new models made of Tecasafe® Ecogreen fabrics. In the spirit of innovation, this fabric has inherent FR multi-norm fabric to incorporate sustainable TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers. It provides improved comfort and extreme durability, while boasting a lower ecological footprint than cotton. Soft and breathable with superior moisture management properties, these patented fabrics continue to look good and perform well even after extensive industrial laundering.

With protection features for multiple high-risk situations, Tecasafe® Ecogreen is a collection of inherently heat- and flame-resistant fabrics that offer excellent protection, especially against flash fire and electric arc, while providing the wearer with outstanding comfort.

Protective clothing made with Tecasafe® Ecogreen inherent heat- and flame-resistant fabrics protect against:

Welding and Grinding

Protective clothing for welding is designed to protect wearers against molten metal splashes, but also protect against short contact with flame and radiant heat from an electric arc that is used for welding. On top of that, the clothing also minimizes the possibility of electrical shock by short-term contact with live electrical conductors.

Heat and Flame

In a wide range of industries, professionals can encounter risks of heat and flames in their daily jobs. We can pick the right fabric for your job based on risk assessment of your workplaces.

Electric Arc

Arc flashes are low impedance connections in an electrical system, which causes unwanted electric discharge via the air. As a result, there is a rapid rise in temperature (up to 19,000 degrees Celsius, which is almost four times as hot as the sun) and pressure in the air between electrical conductors. This causes an explosion which is known as an arc blast.

Liquid Chemicals Splashes

If you are active in an industry where your employees work with chemicals, it is extremely important that they are shielded against chemical splash. Clothing should not only shield the body from possible injuries caused by chemical sprays, splashes or liquid aerosols, but should also - regarding the work environment - allow proper heat release and sweat uptake.

High Visibility

From heavy equipment handling to traffic control, and from railroad works to electrical maintenance - no matter the industry in which you are active, you want your workers to feel safe and confident at work. During the day, at dusk and at night, inside the factory or outside in any weather condition. High visibility clothing can be defined as ‘clothing that is capable of visually signaling the user's presence’. Wearing high visibility clothing is a requirement in a large range of industries where it is crucial to easily notice workers in any light condition: during the day, but also under illumination of headlights in the dark.


You want to provide your workforce with the highest level of safety and comfort possible, no matter the work environment. Industries like chemicals, oil and gas, utilities and transportation (of hazardous substances) are exposed to unique safety challenges, of which explosion hazard is just one.

We can provide our support to pick the right Tecasafe® Fabric for your application.

Care about your ESG rating?

Tecasafe® Ecogreen fabrics are manufactured in a sustainable way.

Eco-Fabrics Footprint Calculator is a quick and easy tool to measure the environmental impact of your workwear fabric. Simply input your garment sets or fabric metres, as well as your sustainable fabric type, and you will receive an instant calculation of your workwear fabrics’ eco-footprint which is a saving expressed between using an Ecogreen fabric compared to a more traditional fabric from our portfolio. It’s the perfect companion for working towards your company’s sustainability goals — why not give it a go today?

Footprint Calculator

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