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Enhancing Safety in Mining Operations: Introducing SGQ's Workwear Collection

Why Does it Matter?

Valuable minerals are found all over the world. And more often than not, the only way to get to them is by mining in the bowels of the Earth. Collapses, explosions, toxic air and extreme temperatures are some of the most dangerous hazards seen in underground mining. Dark enclosed spaces, underground mines require special management of industrial hazards.

Due to the nature of mining that is literally carving into the ground and rock, sending people into caves with potentially toxic spaces, heavy machinery and equipment it is an extremely dangerous job with a death toll that reflects this. The loss of life has been staggering over the many years this industry has been in practice.

Introducing SGQ's Mining Collection

Mining operations demand the highest level of safety precautions to protect workers in hazardous environments. SGQ is proud to present our comprehensive Workwear Collection, specifically designed for mining crews working underground and servicing operations on the surface. Our collection incorporates advanced fabrics and materials that offer unparalleled protection, particularly in situations where engineering safety equipment may fail or not perform as expected.

Ensuring Compliance with PPE Requirements

Safety is our top priority, and our Workwear Collection has been meticulously crafted to meet and exceed the minimum requirements for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in mining environments. We understand the unique risks associated with mining, which is why our garments are specifically engineered to provide optimal protection against these hazards.

Fire Resistant Properties

In mining operations, the risk of fire is a constant concern. To address this, our Workwear Collection incorporates fire-resistant fabrics that have been rigorously tested and certified to withstand extreme heat and flames. These fabrics not only offer vital protection against burns but also provide peace of mind for workers operating in potentially volatile environments. Read more about design considerations for fire resistant garments.

Clothing to protect against heat and flame

garments made from flexible materials, which are designed to protect the wearer's body, except the hands, from heat and/or flame

Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes

minimum basic safety requirements and test methods for protective clothing designed to protect the wearer's body and that are to be worn during welding and allied processes with comparable risks

Protective clothing. Electrostatic Material and design requirements

for electrostatic dissipative protective clothing, including hoods and caps, used as part of a total earthed system, to avoid incendiary discharges, where the minimum ignition energy of an explosive atmosphere is not less than 0,016 mJ.

High Visibility Considerations

Visibility is crucial in mining environments to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of workers. Our garments feature high-visibility designs with retroreflective stripes, allowing for maximum visibility even in low-light conditions. This added visibility enhances the safety of your crew, reducing the risk of collisions and other accidents in challenging work environments.

Learn more about Hi Vis Class

Superior Dexterity Comfort and Durability with SGQ Technology

SGQ understands the importance of dexterity in mining operations. That's why we have incorporated our proprietary SGQ technologies into select models of this collection. This innovative technology enhances freedom of movement, extended reach and stretch, enabling workers to perform intricate tasks with precision and ease. Additionally, we prioritize comfort to ensure that your crew can work efficiently without feeling restricted by their attire. Our garments are designed with ergonomic features and breathable fabrics, promoting comfort and allowing for a full range of motion. With SGQ technologies enabling dexterity, your crew can maintain the highest level of dexterity without compromising on safety. We recognize that mining operations are physically demanding and require garments that can withstand the rigors of the job. Our Workwear Collection is crafted using durable materials and reinforced stitching, ensuring longevity and resilience.

Compliance and Certification

At SGQ, we adhere to the strictest industry standards and regulations. Our Workwear Collection is compliant with all relevant safety guidelines and has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its effectiveness and reliability. We take pride in providing our customers with quality garments that not only protect their workforce but also offer peace of mind.

Collection Garments

SGQ's Mining Collection is a game-changer for the industry. By incorporating fire-resistant fabrics, high-visibility designs, and SGQ technology for dexterity, we have created a range of garments that not only meet the minimum PPE requirements but also go above and beyond to provide enhanced protection and functionality. Invest in the safety and well-being of your mining crew by exploring our Mining Collection today. With us, you can trust that your team will be equipped with the highest quality gear for their demanding work environment.

Join the family of our happy customers

Turan Industrial mining team received their workwear at a remote site in Chrometau with positive feedback and on time.

Nothing makes us happier than a satisfied customer wearing our garments at work.

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